Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Oh, sexy, sexy Kylie, I love you. Kylie Minogue has been one of the longest lasting pop diva sex symbols in the history of music, and this song is one of the most sensual treats she's ever laid on her adoring fans. Chocolate was the third single released from Kylie's 2003 album Body Language and it became her 27th top ten single in the UK when it debuted at #6. Featuring lyrics comparing the love she is getting from her loverboy to melting chocolate, the tune is a mid-tempo aural-gasm and the accompanying video, inspired by old MGM musicals from the 1940s, finds Kylie wearing several different costumes, doing a sexy dance with a hot-ass man, and looking glam in general. Hot damn, this is a good package! While not one of Kylie's biggest hits, I personally believe that Chocolate is a standout in the cannon of KM's output over the past 25 years. Give sexy credit where sexy credit it due! Enjoy Chocolate and try not to hump anything in public.

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