Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This might come as a great shock, but I'm obsessed with the truncated version that Madonna released of her upcoming album Rebel Heart. The Queen decided that, instead of having people listening to unfinished demos that some asshole leaked, she would just go ahead and release six new songs as an "early Christmas present" much to the delight of us who have been waiting patiently. How do I not oversell this? They are EPIC!!! I seriously love them. Madonna's last two albums, although very good, did seem a little distant in parts. Some say that she allowed the producers to take the lead too much, but listening to these lyrics it sounds like she is pretty passionate about her new album. Oh, and don't even get me started on how flawless the cover art is. I MEAN!!! First song Living For Love (which you can listen to below) is like a mash-up of Like a Prayer's gospel soul sounds and Erotica's 90s club grooves. Very amazing. Produced by Diplo, it's officially the first single released from Rebel Heart. Alicia Keys co-wrote and sings on it, but I won't let that bother me right now. Ha. The six songs released so far show a wide range of content and style. Devil Pray has an acoustic guitar and a haunting, dark melody about where one can REALLY find themselves and get closer to their own spirituality. Hint: it's not through temporary highs. The song is one of two stirring electronic ballads released on this EP, the other being third track Ghosttown. Longingly beautiful, Madonna's voice sounds gorgeous floating over the anthemic strings and soft synth that build to a dramatic climax. The song is about standing by someone no matter what and trying to stay strong in this crazy world we are living in. One of her most beautiful ballads since Nothing Fails on American Life. That's where the softness ends on this version of Rebel Heart. Unapologetic Bitch is a reggae-tinged banger, with co-writing credits going to, among others, Nicki Minaj, that finds Madge telling it exactly how it is. "You know you never really knew how much your selfish bullshit cost me. Well fuck you" is a pretty straight forward lyric I would say. I think it's my fave track so far. Illuminati is produced by Kanye West and def has his stank on it. Madonna's tackles the Illuminati conspiracy that has been going around about people in the entertainment industry for years and basically says that there IS Illuminati, but it's everyone who is enlightened and positive, trying to make the world a better place. It is hard and funky and sparkly all at once. The last song released is Bitch, I'm Madonna (ft. Nicki Minaj). Nicki also has a writing credit on this one and actually appears giving a verse or two. Fun and hard, it's Madonna being Madonna and letting everyone know who is still Queen of Pop. Don't try her, boo. If these six songs are any indication, we have something of an amazing album on the way in March 2015. Bitch, she's Madonna after all. Listen to Living for Love below.

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