Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The list of best selling girl groups, worldwide, might surprise some. Might not surprise others. Whether it does or not, I'm giving it to you with color commentary. While I was surprised at how many albums Bananarama had sold (BTW, I WORSHIP BANANARAMA), I was also surprised to NOT see The Go-Go's or The Bangles on this list. Or even Expose. They were pretty big back in the day. I guess this tells us who stood the test of time, sales-wise. With only three albums and eight years active, the leader of the pack worldwide by a LONG shot is....Spice Girls! The British fab five have sold over 75 million albums since 1996 and their first two albums are the top selling albums by a girl group with Spice selling 28 million and Spiceworld selling 20 million worldwide. Not too shabby, ladies. Now, in the US the top selling girl group belongs to Destiny's Child and the top selling album by a girl group is TLC's album CrazySexyCool. Spice Girls albums hold the 3rd and 6th position in the US. Still, worldwide the Spice Girls have it over the runner-up by 25 million albums. See the list below and enjoy some videos!
BEST SELLING GIRL GROUPS WORLDWIDE: (# indicates albums sold)
1. Spice Girls - 75 million

2. Destiny's Child - 50 million

3. TLC - 45 million

4. Bananarama - 40 million

5. Speed (Japan) - 20 million

6. The Supremes - 20 million

7. En Vogue - 20 million albums

8. Morning Musume (Japan) - 16 million

9. Salt -N- Pepa - 15 million

10. SWV - 15 million

11. Pussycat Dolls - 15 million


  1. Hey, you forgot Japan's AKB48... They sold over 23 milion :D
    I think they should be in the 5th place.

  2. Wow. You are correct, although when this post was written, it was not. They have sold A LOT of records since June 2012. Good for them!!!!! Thanks for the update.