Wednesday, September 10, 2014


.....Hangin' Tough by New Kids on the Block.  Can you believe how tough they were? Five kids from Boston who probably had about three pubes between them released a song talking smack about how rough they were in the voices of child sopranos and we all bought the shit out of it. It hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 9, 1989 and was there for a week. I guess we couldn't take any more hard-as-nails masculinity than one week. The boys were in the midst of their part in the 80s boy band craze, so it makes total sense that girls (and us gay boys) were swooning over this track. And boy could they do the running man like nobody's business. The video is NKOTB doing some very 80s dance moves in front of an audience of girls dressed like Elizabeth Shue from Adventures in Babysitting. As a bonus, Donnie Wahlberg is thrusting his barely post-pubescent wiener at said girls in overly-distressed stonewashed jeans. What do you want? It was 1989. Anyhoozers, here is the #1 song from 25 years ago today, Hangin' Tough by New Kids on the Block.

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