Friday, June 13, 2014


Adore Delano is not just your average drag queen, girl. She is a pop star too!! Adore's debut album, Till Death Do Us Party, has set a record for RuPaul's Drag Race alum by debuting at #59 on the Billboard 200 album chat, the highest of any Drag Race contestant, and sets a RDR sales record by moving 5,000 copies in it's first week. PARTY!! Adore also debuted at #3 on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart. What an amazing accomplishment!! Adore is an actual singer. As her real-life counterpart Danny Noriega she was in the Top 16 contestants of American Idol in 2008. Of course, other Drag Race contestants have hit the charts (see below), but I think Adore's success shows how much of an impact RuPaul's Drag Race is having on mainstream culture. Here are a list of other Drag Race contestants who have hit one of the Billboard charts since the show's debut. Of course, Ru has had her share of hits on the charts as well, but no one compares to Mama Ru. Don't get it twisted.

Season One: Nina Flowers: Ranny's "Loca," featuring Flowers - No. 15 on Dance Club Songs, 2010
Season Two: Sahara Davenport: "Go Off" - No. 35 on Dance Club Songs, 2012 Jessica Wild: Ranny's "You Like It Wild," featuring Wild - No. 30 on Dance Club Songs, 2011
Season Three: Raja: "Diamond Crowned Queen" - No. 35 on Dance Club Songs, 2011
Season Four: Willam: Has charted five entries on the Comedy Digital Songs chart thanks to parody singles of popular hits. In 2012, "Chow Down" (featuring Vicky Vox & Detox) and "Love You Like a Big Schlong" reached Nos. 12 and 25, respectively. The following year "Boy Is a Bottom" (featuring Detox and Vox) hit No. 6, "RuPaulogize" (featuring Sharon Needles) reached No. 14 and the "Blurred Lines" spoof "Blurred Bynes" (again with Detox and Vox) hit No. 5. Sharon Needles: The album "PG-13" reached No. 9 on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart, and also hit No. 186 on the Billboard 200. Needles also charted an entry on the Comedy Digital Songs chart with "RuPaulogize" (see Willam, above).
Season Five: Detox: Has charted three entries, with Willam (see above).
Season Six: Adore Delano (see above).

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