Thursday, June 4, 2015


Four years before she gained "Control" of her career and became an icon, Janet was an actress trying to make it on TV and the little sister of a musical dynasty of brothers. Her self-titled debut album had no warning of the fierce performer she would become, but Young Love, this sweet little R&B number was an adorable debut for the sweet-faced 16 year-old. Janet wasn't planning on having a career in music, but her father pretty much insisted that she have one, so he set her up with A&M Records and got her ass in the studio. Young Love, her debut single, was a minor success, hitting #64 on the Hot 100 and #6 on the US R&B/Hip Hop Singles chart. Though it didn't catapult her to superstardom, it did make her the first of the Jackson girls to have a Hot 100 hit. LaToya would follow with Heart Don't Lie (#56) and Rebbie with Centipede (#24) both in 1984. Of course, Janet would go on to rival Michael as the most famous and successful Jackson, setting chart records of her own that are yet to be broken. Janet famously performed Young Love and a couple of other songs on American Bandstand. A couple of years later she went back and Dick Clark seems like he is trying to keep his erection from popping out of his pants the entire time he is talking to her. Ha!! At least he waited until she was 18!! Anyway, watch a 16 year-old Janet perform her debut single Young Love.

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